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Classics Illustrated edition

works - lyrical ballads -B20128-01.jpg
First edition

Autumn landscape in Sherwood Forest, depicting massive, ancient oak trees

A blue tit bird perched on a branch.

Book of poems and songs possibly created for and used by children in Ragged Schools

Photograph of the Botanic Gardens, Old Trafford

A still from The Time Machine (1960) depicting Yvette Mimieux as Weena, an Eloi, and a Morlock.

The cover of The Police Illustrated News depicting Oscar Wilde arriving at Bow Street, surrounded by a mob.

The Three Jovial Huntsmen, on display in the Ancoats museum

Iron bridge over water, leading from warehouses and cranes. Industrial buildings in background. 2 boats are docked and 1 is passing.

Front view of Manchester Town Hall. Stutues, streelights, tramways are feature in front.

A sketch of the left front quarter of the Manchester Royal Exchange. The street is busy and the sky is portrayed as being cloudy. A flag billows overhead.

An oil painting depicting the historical narrative of the execution of a queen, Lady Jane Gray.

A drawing of people working in a factory

Pott Street.jpeg
A rearview of turn of the century tenaments in Ancoats on Pott street.

1918.1113 folded.jpg
Panel embroidered with colored linen

Blue and white jug.

A red squirrel eating a nut sitting on a snowy branch.

1918 127.jpg
Nineteen different beetles encased in glass, wood, glass

A painting of a family of lapwing (or peewit) birds

Row houses from a street view.

This is a street view of a labour home in Ancoats in the late 19th century. It depicts a lamp and several carts. It features a smokestack in the background.

A detial of Jesus and Mary in Millais's Christ in the House of His Parents

A frontal view of Ancoats Hall, where Thomas Horsfall's museum for the socioeconomically disenfranchised was located. The building is in the Imperial Gothic style, and serves as a symbol of accessible art and beauty for the working classes.

Rosanna Watson
Mugshot of 13 year old Rosanna Watson

Mugshot of 12 year old Henry Leonard Stephenson

Mugshot of 11 year old Ellen Woodman

Mugshot of 14 year old Henry Miller

This is a screenshot of the Twitter feed found on Manchester City Council's Grow page. It provides live highlights of areas that are being improved in the city.

This is an infographic designed to help residents of Manchester understand what changes are coming to their city.

On the left is a stone building which has four pillars supporting a triangular portico. In the foreground is a man sat on a horse and cart. People are walking on the pavements with open umberellas.

This photo shows the backs of row houses in Ancoats in 1898. The smoke in the air is clearly present and the street itself does not look paved but instead simply full of rocks. The image is a bleak portrayal of the infrastructure of Manchester in the…

This is a photo of the ancoats region of Manchester from above. It features smokestacks prominently and gives the viewer the sense of the pollution and griminess of the area in this period.

A study of pink wild roses

An installment of the serial edition of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield.

Sheep on a coastal hillside

This map portrays Manchester and Salford as they would have appeared in the 1650s. It has very few buildings drawn and a correlating small number of streets. It is clear that fields dominate the landscape in addition to several waterways.

A group of farmers reaping corn in Surrey

A group of children standing in front of a building.

Image of Settlement Workers attached to the Art Museum in Ancoats playing music, on the piano, for local children

Farmers reaping corn in Surrey

The Temeraire being pulled into port to be decommissioned.

Engraving of Ancoats

Turquoise soda glass flask, full of flecks and bubbles, with long thin neck, bulbous body and roughly formed coil-base.

Beetles, Butterflies, Butterfly and Leaf insect

1918 tile.jpg
Hand-painted ceramic wall tile designed by William Morris

Albumen carte-de-visite of John Ruskin

Albumen carte-de-visite of John Ruskin

Engraving of Carding, Drawing, and Roving, industrial processes, 1835

View of mid-nineteenth century Manchester along London Road, displaying a busy midday market street, receding into the distance. Street venders lines the pavements selling fruit, pedestrians walk along the pavement either buying goods or conversing…

A sheltered view down the River Medlock in Manchester, seen from Oxford Bridge and looking in the direction of India House, a large office building on Whitworth Street. The top of the scene is framed by the black underside of an archway belonging to…

Impressionistic smog-ridden industrial scene, depicting York Street, Manchester, looking towards an arched railway bridge spanning the street, over which a steam train is passing. Two labourers shovelling a pile of coal on the road in foreground to…

1966 188 Interior ATE  Heywood low.jpg
Interior view of the temporary building which housed the Art Treasures Exhibition, 1857.

View looking towards the entrance to a large, semi circular roofed building. The viewer can also see the left hand side of the building, as well as the entrance. The main section of the building is bigger than the sections at eitha side, but they are…

Front view of Manchester Town Hall. Covered statue in front in the centre. Row of carriages beside the statue.

A view in front of Manchester Town Hall. There is a large procession of people, some of which are holding large and small banners. On the left, can be seen a few people on horse back.

A view looking across a road towards a large, stone building. The building is 'Gothic' in style. A tall tower with a spire can be seen rising from behind the building. In the foreground, on the road are horse and carts.

Architectural design for a nineteenth century industrial style building. Male and female figures and a dog in the street outside a set of green wooden doors to the left. Figure wearing a night cap is leaning out of window to the right. In the street…

Interior view of a large ornate room. Arches supported by columns are part of the wall decorations. On the far wall can be seen organ pipes. The room is full of people seated.

View showing a large building that fills all the image. The view is looking towards the front of the building. On the ground floor are nine curved arches, and at the bottom, in between each of these is a metal railing. On the first floor are nine…

View of a large, stone, square shaped building. The building looks classical in style. There are steps leading upto the entrance, which is between tall, stone columns. At the front of the building is a metal fence and gates. People can be seen going…

Photograph of Ancoats street

Irish family during the famine

Frontispiece and opening page of "News From Nowhere"

A natural graveyard scene with two nuns in the foreground

A natural scene that depicts the "scapegoat" described in the Book of Leviticus

A river landscape with a castle in the background

A dramatic Highlands landscape

Study of a pink flower with leaves

Study of two stems of White Harebells

Sweet Peas 1918.884.1.jpg
A detailed study of three flowering sweet pea stems

Autumn landscape in Sherwood Forest, depicting massive, ancient oak trees

First edition cover of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, published by Heinemann, with an illustrated sphinx

Painting of Ray Lankester with two birds, 14 1/4 in. x 10 3/8 in. (362 mm x 264 mm)

Frontispiece and opening page of a "The Wood Beyond the World".

A Victorian apartment scene

A work scene featuring Christ, the Holy Family, John the Baptist, and St. Anne in Joseph's worskshop

1918 332 2.jpg
A Greek-style relief depicting Orestes and Pylades at the Temple of Diana

A photograph that depicts children working in a mine.

The story of a boy who is rescued from the mills by a wealthy benefactor, but is later returned.

Document containing statistical information regarding the health of many children working in cotton factories around Manchester.

Mary Carpenter in the Red Loge Reformatory for Girls. She walks with a young girl inside and holds her in a nurturing and welcoming way

Jack Dawkin and Charley Bates rob an unsuspecting gentleman as he stands distracted reading a book. Oliver is on the right side astonished by this act

This is an illustration of two kids being tried before a clerk who reads the charges, and asks if they plead guilty or not guilty. The jailor standing next to them tells them exactly what to answer for each question. The children repeat word for word

This is an image of a sketch of five poor children kneeling at a school bench/desk.

Photograph of a woman standing in front of a chocolate store

"In the centre is a large, metal, triangular, shaped machine. On the right is seven men pushing a log shape into the machine. On the right are four men, working a winch, which is connected to the machine."

1914 42.jpg
Paper etching of a coal factory with a road running between the factory and a mound of coal

Water color painting of women working in a textile factory

Painting "of factory women's dinner hour with women seated on a long wall outside the factory in groups, eating, drinking and chatting."

Painting of Victorian mother watching her daughter in a living room
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