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About This Project

At Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, California) in Spring 2016, the students in Dr. Amy Woodson-Boulton's undergraduate History seminar "The Artist and the Machine" conducted research into the work of Thomas Horsfall and his context. Each student chose a topic related to his work, and then formed groups around relevant themes - art, nature, labor, children, and the city. From the beginning and throughout the process, the students relied on the vital support, instruction, and expertise of LMU's Digital Scholarship Librarian Melanie Hubbard as they translated their research into a digital exhibition format. The project developed in concert with the Horsfall Space and the University of Manchester, and the seminar class visited Manchester in February 2016, when they shared their initial ideas and website plan with the Horsfall Space web team. The work on this site therefore reflects the students' work and ideas about Horsfall and his historical period. It is intended to examine specific objects, texts, and images from the Ancoats Art Museum and the broader culture, in order to understand the ideas behind Horsfall's work. We hope that visitors enjoy how each student explored the period in a unique way, and how the exhibits combine to provide a kaleidoscopic view of late Victorian Manchester. Please direct any questions to Prof. Woodson-Boulton.